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  • From: Julian DeMarchi <julian AT>
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  • Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 09:02:00 +1000
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On 06/22/2011 10:09 PM, erwin GeheimRat wrote:
> Hi Julian,

Hey Erwin,

Your question is very important, so I've included the discuss mailing
list for OpenNIC in this reply.

> just a short question. What will happen to a registerd domain-name like
> 'winner.greek' if next year the ICANN will decide to release the TLD
> '.greek'. Have you already thought about this situation?

In my opinion, some of our TLDs will get picked up in the ICANN gTLD
process. I'm guessing .geek would be the first to go.

When this occurs, OpenNIC will have a choice. Continue to run our TLD
while letting ICANN create a competing root, or drop our TLD.

This will in turn fracture the internet for OpenNIC users. Thus making
this a hard choice. In the past, when a colider has been setup by ICANN
(think: .biz), the members of OpenNIC voted on;

1) Keep peering/running the TLD
2) Drop the TLD in favour of ICANNs

I'd just like to repeat this is a hard choice. It is hard because it
will fracture the internet. This is bad, and something we've avoided in
all the years of operation.


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