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discuss - Re: [opennic-discuss] ATTN all server operators!

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Re: [opennic-discuss] ATTN all server operators!

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  • From: Jeff Taylor <shdwdrgn AT>
  • To: discuss AT
  • Subject: Re: [opennic-discuss] ATTN all server operators!
  • Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2020 17:57:59 -0700
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The LDAP servers have been shut down on and (2600:3c02::f03c:91ff:fe33:e1ba and 2600:3c02::f03c:91ff:fe33:e1d9).  If anyone is referencing those servers, please make sure to update your scripts to point at (2a01:4f8:c17:fa94::) and (2a01:4f8:c2c:e789::).  There was a problem with LDAP on the new servers which has been fixed this week.  If you made any changes from the servers page to your information, those changes may have been lost.  Please double-check your info!

DNS has been updated on the old servers to reference the new machines.  Most of the references to the old servers have been removed from opennic.glue, however note that util0-1.opennic.glue points to the old util-01, util0-2.opennic.glue points to the old util-02, util0-3.opennic.glue points to the NEW util-01, and util0-4.opennic.glue point to the NEW util-02.  Queries to util0.opennic.glue will only return the new servers.

The LDAP repairs have fixed the reports page, so information showing there is now accurate as far as server testing is concerned.  Problems with the server test page should now also be fixed.

Cleanup is progressing, but there are still a large number of T1 and T2 servers which are failing lookups for opennic.glue.  I would assume that is because those servers are still referencing the old util servers and have out-of-date information, so if you have one of these machines, please make sure you've updated your IP references!

On 11/17/20 2:54 PM, Jeff Taylor wrote:
Just a reminder that this is your last chance to update any scripts or configurations where the IP of the tier-0 servers are hard coded.  The old servers at and will permanently go offline at the end of this month.

On 11/6/20 1:36 PM, Jeff Taylor wrote:
We are in the process of transferring the Tier-0 servers to a new hosting provider, which will require an update of any scripts you have which call the servers directly by IP.

New Tier-0 addresses: or 2a01:4f8:c17:fa94:: or 2a01:4f8:c2c:e789::

For those using the srvzone script, a new version can be downloaded at http://opennic.oss/files/scripts/srvzone
Alternatively you can change the IP addresses yourself.  Near the beginning of the script you will see entries for NS and NS6, just replace the existing addresses with the new ones.

The new DNS entries have been added to opennic.glue and the old ones will be removed soon.  We will post more info as other issues come up.

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