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discuss - Re: [opennic-discuss] Censorship on Domains May Be Our Shining Moment

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Re: [opennic-discuss] Censorship on Domains May Be Our Shining Moment

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  • From: Alex Buie <abuie AT>
  • To: discuss AT
  • Subject: Re: [opennic-discuss] Censorship on Domains May Be Our Shining Moment
  • Date: Sun, 3 Oct 2010 19:49:39 -0400
  • List-archive: <>
  • List-id: <> is taken and parked... is available, however, as well as .me. Are either of those preferable?

On Sun, Oct 3, 2010 at 7:09 PM, Travis McCrea <teamcoltra AT> wrote:
Did we have anyone else thats willing to help? I would really like at
least one more person to help out. We also need someone to donate the
domain "".

If someone gets the domain I will start working and putting things
together. :)

On Tue, 2010-09-21 at 08:24 -0400, Alex Buie wrote:
> I love this idea, and definitely would like to contribute.
>  I can also provide hosting for the pages on one of my cPanel servers
> (that use ONIC DNS), if we need it.
> --
> Alex Buie
> Network Engineer
> KWD Services, Inc.
> (703)445-3391 ext. 804
> On Tue, Sep 21, 2010 at 3:09 AM, Travis McCrea <teamcoltra AT>
> wrote:
>         Hello everyone,
>         I am Travis "TeamColtra" McCrea, many of you who frequent IRC
>         probably
>         already know me, and to those of you who don't you can check
>         out my blog
>         at Now that we have taken care of
>         that I would
>         like to bring up an important matter regarding domains, and
>         potentially
>         advancing OpenNIC by exposing us to a much bigger audience.
>         As a few of you may know, the United States Federal Government
>         is using
>         a new tactic to shut down websites that they do not like,
>         which is going
>         after the domain itself. Most fringe domain TLDs are not in
>         danger, but
>         the two most popular are, those are .COM and .NET. Of course
>         this is an
>         attack on Free Speech by the US Government and it pushes what
>         they feel
>         to be wrong onto the rest of the world.  (please see
> for
>         a more lengthy overview of what I have just said, or read the
>         bill
>         itself here .
>         However, this is the perfect time to make people aware of
>         other domain
>         alternatives, in particular OpenNIC. We can use the publicity
>         momentum
>         to attempt to get this stopped from being passed (while also
>         trying to
>         get people to switch to OpenNIC), and whats great for the
>         campaign is
>         that if it passes, we can then post on all the domains that
>         are getting
>         shut down by the United States, and show for each one that
>         they need to
>         come to OpenNIC (as well as working with these websites to
>         switch over
>         -- think if people needed to access wikileaks at
>; We
>         could also keep track of further bills trying to be passed by
>         governments if it fails (just like the Internet Kill Switch,
>         the US
>         Senators will try and piggyback this onto another bill, if it
>         fails).
>         What I would do is get (because its only
>         like a buck)
>         and, then get a wordpress install on it, to
>         start
>         feeding people news updates about this new bill thats trying
>         to be
>         passed in congress, and even if it fails, then we need to stay
>         on top of
>         it so they don't try to throw it into a new bill like they
>         have been
>         doing with the internet kill switch, if it passes then we
>         expose the
>         public to all the domains that are being taken down
>         What we also need is volunteers, its not a huge deal, 10-20
>         minutes a
>         day with research and posting onto the twitter account that we
>         would
>         create (maybe a facebook page too).
>         We also email different news sources that are more...
>         sympathetic to us.
>         ARS, TorrentFreak, and Wired might run articles.
>         would also
>         run a spot on their radio program for us for sure. We could
>         use these to
>         get the word out about our campaign against domain censorship
>         and FOR
>         using OpenNIC.
>         I can do a lot of this, but I can't do it alone. I will help
>         organize a
>         team if we can have one assembled, we would also need hosting
>         for the
>         website (a host that supports OpenNIC of course). I will be
>         willing to
>         work with you guys on how to canvass twitter users to engage
>         in
>         conversation with the ones talking about similar topics (if
>         you don't
>         know how to already, the best way will be to just use
>         hootsuite).
>         We could get this going and gain a lot of attention really
>         quickly if we
>         work together and agree to get this done, but we obviously
>         need feedback
>         from you on if you even WANT to do this, and who would want to
>         help, and
>         who has what to offer to this team of people.
>         --
>         Travis McCrea
>         1(206)552-8728
>         The Pirate ideology is like going organic, but free, and
>         doesn't go
>         moldy as fast.
>         _______________________________________________
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>         discuss AT
> _______________________________________________
> discuss mailing list
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Travis McCrea

The Pirate ideology is like going organic, but free, and doesn't go
moldy as fast.

discuss mailing list
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