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Re: [opennic-discuss] Conflict alert - dotFree

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Ah how complicated. :)

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JStoker mentioned in the chat channel today that there is a group online at who is attempting to register the .free TLD with
ICANN. As far as I can tell, it looks like a legitimate company which is
actually going through with registration, although apparently they have
already been caught blatantly plagiarizing another website for their content,
and there is a lot of speculation that their domains will not be quite as
'free' as they advertise.

Regardless, while there is no guarantee that this company will actually come
through with their plan, their website is in fact pre-registering domain
names beginning November 1st. Unfortunately, ICANN does not care to listen
to groups like OpenNic because we do not pay them hundreds of thousands of
dollars each year. *IF* this new TLD does go live, we need to make plans to
migrate the OpenNic .free domains to a new TLD.
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