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[opennic-discuss] Current Topic: the Organization

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  • From: Max Bellasys <max AT>
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  • Subject: [opennic-discuss] Current Topic: the Organization
  • Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2014 15:02:07 -0800

Although I'm new to both this group and these discussions I joined OpenNIC
and started participating in these discussions because I am interested in
Founding a new Nation.

I submit this statement for consideration not because I actually wanted help
doing this, but because it seems appropriate to suggest based on the current

The Nation I propose is landless and exists as an entity accessed via the
internet. It is meant and positioned as a true cyber-nation, and one of its
chief features is the ability to register businesses and offer dual
citizenships. This is in response to taxation, which would exist but at a
level similar to the way Bitcoin operates- functional toward sustained
financial health but nominal in nature.

Because of the broad possible interpretation of my statement and the way it
could sound off the rails as a proposed solution, as well as a solution
that's potentially too long on implementation to achieve certain short term
goals, I will assert that it is achievable leveraging the existing
infrastructure at OpenNIC.

the ideas I have to charter an entire nation follow a fairly simple model and
I have already created software that is intended to provide infrastructure
for such an undertaking. Otherwise, this would be a half-baked dream rather
than what I call a real solution.

With crypto currency and the right type of distributed network- as well as
"alternative" DNS, such an idea could work considering that I modeled it on a
lean startup whose inception offers revenue generating methods immediately,
and I believe that a viable offering of "an alternative to existing national
business registries with their taxation models" is attractive at this stage
of global economy.

Your thoughts?

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  • [opennic-discuss] Current Topic: the Organization, Max Bellasys, 12/28/2014

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