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[opennic-discuss] FRX update 18122600

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  • From: kevin <krattai AT>
  • To: discuss AT
  • Subject: [opennic-discuss] FRX update 18122600
  • Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2018 03:01:12 -0600

Just thought I'd mention this here as this group will mostly appreciate
this than many of the other crowds I chat with, and to just say I'm
pretty pleased about this.

I now have 2 VPNs running on the network.  I postponed tinc and n2n for
now as I battled with freeLAN to see if it works.  Unfortunately
there's not very much documentation on it so took a bit of fighting.

So, running OpenVPN on one subnet and freelan running on another
subnet.  All trafic routing as expected.

End result is (hopefully) the redundancy of the network.  And DNS can
be routed across all subnets, of course.  Plus, do need to make sure
that the network is vpn agnostic for those who are doing initial

Do need to get quagga/BGP working next, probably.  Although I may now
work on getting tinc or n2n running across the existing vpn(s) to see
if a separate segment can be hup'd over the existing vpns for full mesh
(layer2; not sure how well this might work, but hopeful) and allow for
the failure (or removal) of the underlying vpns to test segment
resilience as well as network segment autonomy being an overlying,
functional FRX seg.  oh, and also dual stack needs to be configured
with possible allowance for IPv6 native segments with 6in4 / 6to4 as

Will need supernodes (public facing servers and IPs) to ensure
accessibility and failover / loadbalancing.

Also need to script for supernode setup and also probably create kvm
images for same and related functionalities.  I do have images for
raspberry pi's that will eventually be working as edge devices for
users at their location of use as well as roaming node function.  I do
have some stuff on gitlab as well as sourceforge, but migrating to
gitlab (do have a local gitlab setup as well) to ensure resilience of
project and because github / microsoft...  I do run an openstack
instance as I was hoping to use it for SDN and some other features but
it's on a pretty low budget (old) server so can't really utilize it for
production.  and then there's nextcloud and some other p2p apps to get
set up.  I did manage to grab freelan, tinc, and n2n source in order to
see if it can be tweaked.  I'm also currently using MQTT for messaging
across the network although I do want to migrate to nanomsg / nng for
future message passing for various functions and features.

I am providing some light updates on the public forum:


I do want to set up a SIG on that baord though, to keep tech talks
separated from other potential conversations.  Do want to set up a XMPP
 (maybe IRC) or similar server as well for chat functionality.




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