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discuss - Re: [opennic-discuss] China's thinking about making their own DNS root

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Re: [opennic-discuss] China's thinking about making their own DNS root

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  • From: Jimmy Chen <me AT>
  • To: discuss AT
  • Subject: Re: [opennic-discuss] China's thinking about making their own DNS root
  • Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2012 18:18:59 -0700

Jamyn couldn't have described it better :)
And I'm with Falk on his contact the ICANN decision.

On Tue, Jun 19, 2012 at 2:43 PM, Falk Husemann <josen AT> wrote:
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> Hi,
> Am 19.06.2012 22:20, schrieb Jamyn Shanley:
>> In other words, while OpenNIC doesn't actively censor, I don't
>> think OpenNIC actively reaches out and forms peering agreements
>> with groups that are known to censor the internet. My
>> interpretation is that we offer an unfiltered internet, but in
>> exchange we expect that peers do the same.
> I agree and would not run a stable Server for someone who enters
> formal negotiations with a non-democratic nation, at least not for
> free. This is, why I run a T2 after all.
> But I ask myself, who besides ICANN are possible peering partners for
> us, that don't think their root was created by some unproveable godness?
> And if some people want to peer with us, how do they do that? Most
> providers offer a direct link to a contact form on their startpage for
> that purpose. Do we?
> And to what would those people have to agree to? Democracy? There are
> lots of shades of that.
> Maybe we should try to talk to ICANN. I'd say to have them read what
> we write we should first contact second tier organizations like ISOC
> or present OpenNIC to the national computer science clubs
> (Gesellschaft für Informatik it's here). Raise awareness and ask for help.
> Greets,
> Falk
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