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discuss - Re: [opennic-discuss] Proposal: .bit / Namecoin peering

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Re: [opennic-discuss] Proposal: .bit / Namecoin peering

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  • From: Alejandro Bonet <albogoal AT>
  • To: discuss AT
  • Subject: Re: [opennic-discuss] Proposal: .bit / Namecoin peering
  • Date: Sat, 5 Jul 2014 09:20:50 +0200

This discussion seems familiar to me:

- Alternative currency.
- Perhaps very big zone file.

Some months ago i propossed .ibu tld and said...

"Hey men, there is no reason to mantain copy of all the tld zones in
each T1 server: We only need to mantain pointers to the authoritative
servers for each tld, and recurse them..."

Also i proposed a "general rule to acept new tlds without complex
voting" (nobody knows who has "the right to vote", nobody knows who
are noticed there is a vote on air, nobody knows who will participate
in voting and when, nobody knows if all the voters have the same info
about what they are voting, nobody knows when begins/ends the voting,
nobody knows where are the data collected of the voting...)

The rule could be "If you run a T2 public server resolving all the
namespaces, you can run a new namespace (tld)"...

Please note: I dont say "If you have a dns server for your tld, it
will be accepted..."

I say: "If you resolve publicly and correctly ALL the namespaces (not
only yours), then your tld is accepted by the comunity".

In this way, all the discussions and recursive debates could be ONLY
ONE for future,
and conclusions could be published clearly.

And all the "peering agreements" are simplified very much.

Democracy is good and, at completely new scenarios, it is necessary.

But it requires complex debates and some few coordination.
And no everybody speaks the same language, or lives in the same space/time...

If we resolve the creation/acceptation of new tlds in a simple way,
opennic will grow without problems and without many efforts.

Else, it will not grow, or it will grow with problems or with many efforts.

I think humankind needs Opennic growing (or another similar project
with the same base idea),
to resolve DNS problems forever and for everybody...

Alejandro Bonet

PD: Anyway, there are two authoritative nameservers to resolve .ibu domains:

They also resolve PUBLICLY all the spacenames i know (opennic,
newnations, icann, cesidian...)

It uses opennic T1 root servers as . domain.

And there is also a registry web, for the .ibu domains:


Since August 2013

2014-05-11 18:30 GMT+02:00, Calum McAlinden <calum AT>:
> On 11 May 2014 17:16, Quinn Wood <wood.quinn.s AT> wrote:
>> All T1s need to be authoritative for the zone, meaning they all must have
>> the 1.8GB file(s).
> The zone file is 1.1 Megabytes. (this here
> )
> This zone file is generated from the blockchain (1.8GB), which is
> maintained by the running Namecoin instance. It wouldn't be needed for
> every T1 to generate the zone files from the blockchain.
> --
> Calum McAlinden

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