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discuss - RE: [opennic-discuss] Uniting with other roots

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RE: [opennic-discuss] Uniting with other roots

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  • From: "John Kozlowski \(\)" <John.Kozlowski AT>
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  • Subject: RE: [opennic-discuss] Uniting with other roots
  • Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2014 21:12:59 -0500

Some of the other alternative roots are, (which may be defunct), and
(which is a bit odd).

Being a commercial root is not bad. Being a monopoly root is.

I don’t think we need to form a larger group, or merge with others, but
rather use technology to remove the monopoly power.

Change the resolver such that it does not start at “the” root, but all roots.
Therefore when someone resolves “” the ICANN root will respond.
When someone resolves “” both OpenNIC and ICANN’s root will
respond. In this case you could check the SLD to see if both continue to
respond. If both do then the end user via configuration can choose.

When conflicts occur, this puts the choice in the hands of the user, not the
system. When no conflict occurs, then we are all available, commercial,
non-profit, or whatever.

As mentioned, I wrote one that worked fine. It should reappear soon. Others
can do the same as the concept is not difficult.


John Kozlowski

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Subject: Re: [opennic-discuss] Uniting with other roots

I could only find Unifiedroot on Google...

As far as I can see OpenNIC is not really compatible with them. For example,
they say "The cost to register a premium, high-value, TLD or IDN during the
Founders Program is 50,000 EUR" and also "Unifiedroot reserves the right to
accept or reject any applicant at their sole discretion". This sounds more
like a commercial root which is just as bad as ICANN.

Most of the centralised roots apart from OpenNIC appear to be dead or
attempting to mislead people into paying large amounts for TLDs without
informing them that it is an alternative system. In my opinion it is best to
keep OpenNIC's honest and democratic system separate from some of the other
alt roots.

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