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Re: [opennic-discuss] Peering with EmerCoin : How to

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  • Subject: Re: [opennic-discuss] Peering with EmerCoin : How to
  • Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2015 22:39:51 -0700
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Just to let everyone know, I made an initial attempt at adding the EmerCoin TLDs to our root zone, but unfortunately it is not working correctly.  I've been speaking with Oleg and we'll get a solution sorted out.  You may be able to get partial answers (the NS records seem to display occasionally), but don't count on it working just yet...

On 01/14/2015 06:54 PM, Oleg Khovayko wrote:
Dear OpenNIC Tier-1 admins,

I am very happy to read ballot results, where
OpenNIC community decided to establish peering with emerCoin DNS:

3. Peering with EmerCoin

Yes, peer with EmerCoin: 83%, 29 votes
No, do not peer with EmerCoin: 17%, 6 votes

I am CTO of EmerCoin project, and will be happy to assist you with establish this peering.
Please, be free to contact me directly. Write e-mail to $ORIGIN.

Following I will share details, how to setup peering with EmerCoin DNS.
There is two ways: easy [1] and secure [2].
You can use either.

1. Easy way. Designed and tested by Mario, ns10 owner.
According this way, you just forward your DNS-requests to our servers.
There is details from Mario:

Is very simple to change bind/powerdns configuration to peer with
EmerCoin, just follow the Bind DNS proxy section at:

a) For powerDNS just change the forward-zones-file parameter in the
recursor.conf with this:


and forwards.txt should have somethin like this:


b) For bind you can add zones as forwards like emercoin documentation or
as static-stubs like this:

zone "emc" in {
    type static-stub;
    server-addresses {;;

... same for the other 3 TLDs ...

It is important to note

1) EmerCoin uses a descentralized-DNS subsystem (included in each wallet)
2) There is no SOA record because no one has the authority
3) There is no master-slave configuration type

Tier-1: NS10 (ns10.opennic.glue is now resolving
emercoin domains for all whitelisted IPs in opennic.

2. Secure way. Tested by me, works in my LAN.

According this way, you run EMC-wallet on your server, and wallet keeps
full blockchain and database locally. Disadvantage of this way - wallet uses ~70MB RAM.
Advantage - full security and high performance. Really, your NameServer sends requests to localhost,
and requests cannot be blocked or modified.

This is also easy. You needed just build and run headless wallet on your system,
and define in the config file $HOME/.emercoin/emercoin.conf:


This option activates DNS-feature of wallet on port 5335.
Thereafter, just forward request to wallet, like:

zone "emc" {
 type forward;
 forwarders { port 5335; // Local EmerCoin wallet

for all 4 zones: emc coin lib bazar

wallet source you can download from github:

and build and use "namecoin" branch.
If needed, I can supply linux or freebsd headless 32-bit binary (headless assumes "server without GUI").

Again, you're welcome with questions/suggestions.
And, you can see this page:
There is documentation regarding our DNS and NVS system.

Thanks in advance,


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