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[opennic-discuss] .core TLD Proposal

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  • From: <josephmarsden AT>
  • To: discuss AT
  • Subject: [opennic-discuss] .core TLD Proposal

I’d like to start a proposal for the .core TLD on the OpenNIC network.

The .core TLD, operated by CoreDomain and managed by TOWER, is to be used by
individuals or commercial entities (individual or groups) to promote their
resource hosting (e.g virtual machine, website, file hosting) on the OpenNIC
network. The domain should only be used for the aforementioned purposes,
however exceptions may be granted in special cases.
Use of this TLD is not a given right to any holder, and domain names may be
revoked by the CoreDomain administration team, TOWER management or by a vote
of domain holders (henceforth known as "Members"), especially pertaining to
violations of our policies (see Section 2).

"Members" in this charter refers to owners of .core domains and not OpenNIC
members unless otherwise noted.


.core domains will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Some
domains have been reserved for administrative use (see Section 6) prior to
public registration.

Registrations immediately after approval will be handled manually via email.
An automated registration system is in development and will be available at
register.core when it becomes available. Registrations will be available from
3 month to 2 year periods. All registrations will be available for free after
approval, however, the CoreDomain administration reserves the right to raise
prices as needed to cover operating costs.


TOWER will not tolerate the following behaviour, and use of our domains for
any of the following is grounds for termination (see Section 3):

- Domain squatting
- Spam email delivery
- Malware distribution
- Malicious interference with computer systems
- Using the TLD for any other purpose not outlined in this charter

Our abuse policies are in line with OpenNIC's abuse policies as well
( - "Obnoxious Activity: Spam &
Cracking"), and any policies listed there apply to .on domains as well.
CoreDomain is not a domain police force and meaningful abuse enforcement will
be reliant on members reporting. All abusive behavior should be immediately
reported to abuse AT central.core so administration can take action.


Domains can be immediately terminated if they are found to be in violation of
our policies by the CoreDomain administration or TOWER management, and a
notice will be sent to the registrant of the offending domain. Domains can
also be terminated via a member vote. Membership is granted to any domain
holder, 1 vote per member regardless of the amount registrations they hold.
Member votes are subject to policies as listed in Section 4.

Domains may also be revoked by the CoreDomain administration if the OpenNIC
membership at large moves to revoke a registration. We do not foresee a
circumstance where OpenNIC as a whole will be required to vote on the
revocation of a .core domain, but if the need arises we will comply with any
such vote.


All matters of administrative importance will be voted upon by members of the
CoreDomain domain registry administration team. Motions will be passed by a
simple majority of votes (50% + 1). The CoreDomain administration, and the
higher TOWER management, holds the right to veto any member votes, in order to
retain control of .core operation.


Trademark holders should email legal AT if they wish to dispute a
domain. TOWER itself will revoke or transfer registrations if ordered by a
legitimate court of law, as a courtesy to that country, as applicable to
OpenNIC's dispute policy.


The following domains are reserved by the CoreDomain administration and will
never be available for public registration:

- Register.core – Domain registration site.
- Central.core – Administration and management site.
- About.core – Overview site, CoreDomain hub.
- Admin.core – CoreDomain administration site.
- Websites.core – For future web hosting.
- Secure.core – Future SSL certificates.
- Nic.core – Reserved for redirection.
- Opennic.core – Reserved for redirection.
- Www.core – Reserved for redirection.
- Files.core – Future file hosting site.
- Citadel.core – Reserved.
- Exertus.core – Reserved for backend operations.
- Arctarus.core – Reserved for backend operations.
- Helios.core – Reserved for backend operations.
- Deepsector.core – Reserved for special operations.
- Meta.core – Internal server operations and control.
- Example.core – Example web page
- Test.core – Test web page, is a blank page on the DNS server
- Keystore.core – Used for internal private key operations.
- Vote.core – Used for mass user polling.


Amendments to this charter may be added by a vote of .core members.
Additionally, the CoreDomain administration is permitted to provide a binding
user agreement for registrations at register.core that may include policies
outside the scope of this charter.


CoreDomain and TOWER are committed to the future of the OpenNIC network and
will attempt to provide, in addition to the .core Tier 1 server, multiple Tier
2 DNS servers to support the OpenNIC infrastructure, free and paid web
hosting, and free and paid file hosting.These services have no deadline for
completion at the moment. We also wish to help in spreading the word about
OpenNIC via self promotion and joining the Public Relations Working Group


- CoreDomain Administration: administration AT central.core
- Abuse Reporting: abuse AT central.core (All reserved .core domains have
the same abuse email.)
- Legal Team: legal AT (for subjects such as DMCA and legal
- Billing support: billing AT websites.core, billing AT files.core (for
premium file and website hosting)
- Webmaster: webmaster AT central.core (All reserved .core domains have the
same webmaster.)
- Postmaster: postmaster AT central.core (All reserved .core domains have
the same postmaster.)


This charter template used under license
( very kindly provided by
Jonah Aragon.

Note: Our non-OpenNIC front is at (which will
direct users to configure their DNS settings to OpenNIC and auto redirect
them, or if they already are using OpenNIC they will automatically be
redirected to https://central.core for domain registration instructions. This
site is currently not online yet as it is undergoing the design process.)

Thanks for reading through this proposal, we are open to suggestions for any

Joseph Marsden
Root Administrator at CoreDomain and Director at TOWER
IRC: CitadelCore
Email: josephmarsden AT

Sorry if this got sent as a duplicate... I think Outlook broke. :/

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