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Re: [opennic-discuss] letit2 [.] bit blacklist

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  • From: Calum McAlinden <calum AT>
  • To: discuss AT
  • Subject: Re: [opennic-discuss] letit2 [.] bit blacklist
  • Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2017 20:02:49 +0100

I think that a blacklist preventing these domains from ever being included in the zone would be a good idea. It could be published, produced and reviewed democratically with full transparency. I would be willing to produce some sort of web interface for this.

Would anyone be in favour of such system? I sense that there is a lot of opposition for any blocking of any kind, but it is important to acknowledge that these domains would probably fall foul of OpenNIC policies and be removed if they were OpenNIC TLDs. It would not make OpenNIC any less democratic, and it is not much different to blocking on individual T2s anyway.

On 02/08/17 18:44, Jeff Taylor wrote:
I received complaints today that outgoing emails are getting blocked by spamhaus SBL due to resolving tehnomix.bit. The block is on a single IP address with a /32 mask, so damage is limited but unfortunately still causing a problem. For now this domain has been blackholed into Anyone using will be affected by this.

Checking my logs, I've had 301,958 lookups on my servers in the past 11.5 hours. Apparently I screwed something up with my new internet connection because my servers are supposed to require whitelisting but they are answering all queries... gonna have to fix that!

Also of note... since the block is for a single IP address, I believe the issue is that the DNS server is on the same IP and my mail server. Unlike the others here, I did NOT receive any notice from spamhaus regarding being blocked.

Now for anyone else in a bind that needs to blackhole a specific domain name under BIND9, the process is fairly simple, but as mentioned previously you want to be open about any such changes you make to OpenNic servers, and any such blocking is typically not allowed under opennic rules...


First you want to create a zone file to handle generic entries:

-- db.blacklisted --
; Blacklisted domains that should be blocked from resolving
$TTL 3600
@ IN SOA hostmaster (
2017080200 ; serial
3600 ; refresh
180 ; retry
86400 ; expire
3600 ; default TTL
* IN A
* IN AAAA ::1

Next you need config file for BIND9 to handle to entries:

-- /etc/bind/named.blacklisted --
zone "letit2.bit" {type master; file "/path/to/db.blacklisted";};
zone "tehnomix.bit" {type master; file "/path/to/db.blacklisted";};

And finally, add an include to your named.conf:
include "/etc/bind/named.blacklisted";

Reload bind, and check to see the results:
# dig tehnomix.bit @localhost

tehnomix.bit. 3600 IN A

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