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[opennic-discuss] .o peering structure

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  • From: Jonah Aragon <jonaharagon AT>
  • To: discuss <discuss AT>
  • Subject: [opennic-discuss] .o peering structure
  • Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2017 16:17:46 +0000

There's been a lot of these "gathering opinion" type posts recently (one other from myself), but one more can't hurt.

I've been talking with a few people about ".core" and how peering agreements work in OpenNIC, and I've been thinking that starting something like that is similar to what I have in mind for ".o" (which I operate, if you don't already know that). I was thinking that it might work out better if I transitioned to a mutual peering relationship with OpenNIC, since I provide a lot of structure and organization likely outside the realm of most of the TLDs operated here. It would probably work out similar to how FurNIC currently operates, I still intend to be highly involved with OpenNIC as I currently am, just with the added separation between OpenNIC and ModernTLD (.o operations) developments.

Anyways, I was planning on proposing something like officially designating ModernNIC (new organization) as a mutual peer with OpenNIC, and we would operate parallel but separate from OpenNIC as a whole. My networks would provide access to OpenNIC and I would continue operating ns11 indefinitely which would peer .o on this side of the infrastructure, and possibly future TLDs if we expand. That would entail control over ".o" being given to ModernNIC, and we would also have to get the .modernnic.glue TLD for infrastructure purposes (as I would plan on operating recursive DNS servers as well).

I'm just in the planning phase for all of this, I don't know where it'll lead. Just wanted to hear from some members what they'd think. I wasn't actually here long enough in any active role to know how FurNIC split from OpenNIC, so I'd also like to hear about that from any members who were around that long ago.

Overall, not much would really change for most users, it'd just be a technical difference, and more freedom for us to implement some of our own policies. (A note on that: it still wouldn't be completely out of OpenNIC control, you could of course vote to cease peering at any time if you disagree, but I'd hope it wouldn't come to that, so compromises would definitely be made).


P.S. On an semi-related tangent (that would require its own complete organization), it would be neat if there was some sort of alt-root federation of some kind, that could strengthen this entire community as a whole. It could for example, include OpenNIC and any of our peers, and even DNS structures like Namecoin/Emercoin. I've heard of some similar plans but nothing concrete seems to exist at the moment. but anyways, that's something for another time.

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