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  • Subject: Re: [opennic-discuss] DoT
  • Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2020 07:02:54 -0500
  • Organization: Factory 4.0 Open Initiative, LLC.

I am 100% OK with everything you wrote, because that is what free speech is: I might not agree with you, but I defend your right to say and feel the way you do!

The purpose of my post was to show why I am going to spend a lot of my resources on OpenNIC.

I need a forum where I am not forced to remain anonymous but I may freely use my real identity to build credibility, acceptance, and take responsibility. I am NOT going to spend time and resources to maintain some ALIAS, that makes absolutely no sense to me!

I want to create a forum where only Kane County, Illinois residents gain access - people from anywhere else are NOT INVITED! This might not make a lot of sense to you at first, but it is a very rational expectation (intranets for example, keep non-employees out). Especially when you realize that anyone may create the same!

Just to be clear, I am not a Republican, a Democrat, a Right-wing or Left-wing.. I am a Conservative US Patriot. I am not AGAINST your values, I am FOR my values. This is very, very different from today's norm, where people like to OPPOSE other's people best interest, while neglect their own very best interest. When I am allowed I love to keep focus on my own purpose, respect yours and stay out of your way.

That said..
I am working on a VPS to use as an OpenNIC instance. Would you like to work with me on it?
I would give you root access, and lets configure it for whatever purpose it has in OpenNIC.
I would document the process for Webmin, so people can start building these faster.

For now I am ready to donate one VPS, which I am going to use as a reference to master the process.

I started at


On 2020-03-19 06:04, 3 wrote:
Hi postmaster, 19.03.2020 12:45:02 you wrote:
Its not off-topic, and I am going to explain why.

1., With social media the concept of "self-publishing" was created,
people are chasing "likes", high number of "followers", Youtube
"citizens journalists", etc.. This is true, and this is the base
frequency of our technological civilization today, and for the
foreseeable future.
2., None of this, however, necessarily equals validation, effectiveness,
approval, necessity. On the contrary, it creates a humongous amount of
garbage, and I mean just mountains of useless content.
3., The "anonymous" and the classic "troll', or "attention whore" is now
one and the same.
a) These trolls get involved in absolutely everything - not just the
issues which affects them. This is ignorance.
b) The less they know about something the more they comment, judge,
lash out. This is stupidity.
c) The less control they have over something the angrier they get -
like politics. This is obsession.

Spending hours each day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (Global Social
Media), reading and writing about things you do not understand, things
not affecting your own life in the slightest, things which are not part
of your job, your hobbies - is now mass addiction and a disease. Masses
of fools circling each other, jabbing and arguing... masses of
like-minded people echoing, chattering about things they all agree...
This is Global Social Media.

This is kept going by Main Stream Media, owned by multi-billionaires.
Those people / organizations do not need more money, they are never
going to run out of money - their businesses keep generating millions
each hour! Instead what they need is an ignorant and indoctrinated
population, a corrupt form of Government like Socialism where they - as
individuals or organizations - may remain above the law.

The Elites (corrupt politicians, business moguls, celebrities, decadent
educators) hate the Constitutional Republic of the USA, they hate free
speech, they know millions of guns in hundreds of thousands of hands is
a problem. So they try to destroy our core values, and dumb the
a) Moderation and Censorship are two very different thing: one is
voluntary within the community, the other is enforced by an external
b) Right to Privacy is not the same as Mandatory Anonymity. Preventing
you from using your true identity while you speak or write on a public
forum is indeed censorship!
c) Anonymous have no rights in any court of law! Anonymous maybe
freely abused or killed, ignored, discredited, overpowered, ridiculed.
Only real people have rights!

I could go on, and on, and on - but these are not off-topic by the
slightest. We must be able to create and sustain networks which are:
a) Secure so nobody external to the community may read, alter or spoof
content in storage or during transmission.
d) Privilege-accessed, moderated by the community, and access to it
denied to business, political, or even regulatory entities. Exception is
law enforcement with a search warrant.
c) Retains local focus by moderation for quality contribution, by
privilege access, by laser-sharp focus and purpose.

The OpenNIC TLDs and zones are going to provide precisely that! I am
working with the Republican Party to create a communication network, and
I need thousands of zones, mirroring the official political structure of
the USA - precincts, townships, districts, counties, states. I am not
going to build this over InterNIC TLDS - just look what is happening
with .ORG! I am not going route email over Yahoo, Gmail - kidding me?! I
am going to build this over OpenNIC infrastructure, allowing /
encouraging the use of encryption on all levels.

OpenNIC have a mission-critical purpose in my mind, which is to keep the
anonymous-troll zombie army and their handlers out! I am going to do my
best to help strengthen and stabilize the OpenNIC infrastructure, for
the purpose I just wrote above.

- Sandor

wow! i have some objections, but in general i agree that i'm getting
into something i don't understand ;)

you claim that socialism is a priori corrupt, but i see something
another: corruption is always about people and never about political
system. there may be good people in politics, but there can't be a
good political system, especially with bad people in it. let me remind
you that monsters like Hitler and Putin came to power democratically.
and at the same time since the time of ancient Rome we know of rulers
with absolute power who were worthy people.

i do not see a fundamental difference(and have never felt the
difference in practice) between moderation and censorship. and i don't
know of any cases(except for religious) when moderation was voluntary
and not imposed from a position of power.

in practice it is impossible to achieve freedom of speech without
anonymity. and it's not even about tyrants, but about good people who
are willing to kill bad people for bad words(for example- denying the
holocaust or insulting allah). as i have already said the sides to any
conflict are essentially the same as each other ;)

you might ask me what a good person is. from the point of view of
society everything is simple- this is a person who puts public
interests above their own(but of course i understand that this point
of view can never be accepted by the capitalist world ;)). you may
object that such behavior is unnatural. not really. there are many
examples, but i will give you the simplest one: a person will always
sacrifice himself for the interest of his children. but what are
children? children are improved genes, the future of the species as a
whole. that is why evolution has developed in man a willingness to
sacrifice himself for the interest of children(often even for the
interest of other people's children ;))

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