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Re: [opennic-discuss] DoT

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  • Subject: Re: [opennic-discuss] DoT
  • Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2020 16:34:43 +0300
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Hi postmaster, 19.03.2020 15:02:54 you wrote:
> I am 100% OK with everything you wrote, because that is what free speech
> is: I might not agree with you, but I defend your right to say and feel
> the way you do!

> The purpose of my post was to show why I am going to spend a lot of my
> resources on OpenNIC.

> I need a forum where I am not forced to remain anonymous but I may
> freely use my real identity to build credibility, acceptance, and take
> responsibility. I am NOT going to spend time and resources to maintain
> some ALIAS, that makes absolutely no sense to me!

> I want to create a forum where only Kane County, Illinois residents gain
> access - people from anywhere else are NOT INVITED! This might not make
> a lot of sense to you at first, but it is a very rational expectation
> (intranets for example, keep non-employees out). Especially when you
> realize that anyone may create the same!

> Just to be clear, I am not a Republican, a Democrat, a Right-wing or
> Left-wing.. I am a Conservative US Patriot. I am not AGAINST your
> values, I am FOR my values. This is very, very different from today's
> norm, where people like to OPPOSE other's people best interest, while
> neglect their own very best interest. When I am allowed I love to keep
> focus on my own purpose, respect yours and stay out of your way.

> That said..
> I am working on a VPS to use as an OpenNIC instance. Would you like to
> work with me on it?
> I would give you root access, and lets configure it for whatever purpose
> it has in OpenNIC.
> I would document the process for Webmin, so people can start building
> these faster.

> For now I am ready to donate one VPS, which I am going to use as a
> reference to master the process.

> I started at

> Cheers,
> Sandor

you don't need opennic for such the forum. opennic is just a dns
system. dns is a convenience, but not a necessity. what you need it is
not to fear for him or your life, but in reality this is not possible
without anonymity :\ opennic will not save you from responsibility to
the country or other people for your words(and no matter what you say,
others may be outraged by an absolute trifle for you), but tor will
provide it to you(if you're careful, else they'll find you). yes, tor
not very convenient, but it's a matter of habit. but i want to tell
you all closed societies eventually degenerate. so yes, i don't see
the point in such a private forum.. if it is not a private technical
forum which long-confirmed truths are discussed, the change of which
is not expected in the foreseeable future ;)

you can't just be for your own values and not be against the values of
others. and it didn't happen today, the way you want it never worked
in this world ;) what is happening now is an attempt to conduct a
dialogue to avoid conflicts because conflicts are too expensive today.
unfortunately, this process often looks idiotic. for example- putting
negroes in every crevice(Snow Negro- what could be dumber? %\)

i'm sorry man, but i'm not technically qualified to be involved in
anything like this. i'm just a man who solves problems that others
create for me :\ if it helps someone else(as with tor) then it's even
better ^.^

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