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discuss - Re: [opennic-discuss] Seized poker domains

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Re: [opennic-discuss] Seized poker domains

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  • From: Zach Gibbens <infocop411 AT>
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  • Subject: Re: [opennic-discuss] Seized poker domains
  • Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2011 11:38:26 -0400
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One irony right now is the backing of censorship resistant technologies by Governments, some tools are created by the Governments too, and at the same time, one Government is Seizing Domain Names like Crazy and Violating Due Process.

three goals I see for OpenNIC are 1) Focus on our Features, if we're just like everyone else, why switch 2) spread Open Source Products capabible of ones needs, and in the process advocate opennic where applicable, and look for features that further benifit and expand the opennic community 3) Maintain Current services, and expand into negelected areas (South America sounds like a top priority here)

An issue for enabling dns servers for the masses outside of.. the isp is firewalling, wether that be ISP based (satellite and celluar seem to be consistant ones that do restrict dns to their servers without some workaround) Hotspots with capitive portals, schools with proxy or dns based content filters. I don't see an operating system shipping a resolver with servers already included. Has that ever been done?

I think a few things we have going for us are our features, OpenDNS (as much as I hate comparing us to them or Google Public DNS, due to our differences, feel like I need to here) had handled 30 Billion Queries in a single day on March 1st 2011, just by marketing their services, Consumers and Bussinesses Migrated to them.

Large Bussiness & Universities have used OpenDNS, From McKee Foods Corporation (Makers of Little Debbie Products) PennState & Detroit Public Schools, BP and the Serria Club, Two Hawaiian ISP's (This one really Suprised me, of the entire list) For fear of moving off my topic, take a look at if you desire.

I took a look at a savings calculator, comparing it against a small bussiness or high school, it showed a savings of 10 Grand, however If I factored in systems that have to be left in place, firewalls and such, and IT costs relating to maintaing those firewalls and workstations, then comparing McAfee SmartFilter to a box running Linux with Squid Proxy, Bind, and Dansguardian installed, it would be an even greater savings, removing additonal licensing costs, reusing hardware already on-site, and it could support OpenNIC (and again, no license cost, compared to OpenDNS's Enterprise Plans. Distrubited & Redundant Servers, and other features and benifits)

What does OpenDNS have that outweighs this pricepoint? What Features do we have that Google Public DNS lacks? I think everyone here uses OpenNIC and has answered these questions at least before, DNS is a system that is ignored by the masses until it breaks, I think what needs to happen is encourage people not to ignore such a vital peice of the internet's backbone, and in doing so, show them why we're woth noticing too.

I think one feature nobody in the commercial sector (Esp. here in the US) will touch is the idea of Protected Domain Names, Despite the fact the Constutional Right to Due Process should allow just that, at least till the owner has his day in court to fight it, it's one feature we're already equipped to handle, and it's one of the best ones that nobody has implemented yet.

On Apr 18, 2011 6:38 PM, "Amrit Panesar" <apanesar AT> wrote:
> On 4/18/2011 1:43 PM, Maximi89 wrote:
>> i think the best goal is to have more users and start to being know as
>> OpenNIC, not just as an alternative, something more important than
>> just an alternative.
> I agree with this,
> I've said this before, knowledge is power, the more people that know
> about us, the better.
>> We need to have more machines, specially in South America, if someone,
>> a business can help us... a datacenter or anyone who have an static IP...
> Perhaps the community should start looking into sponsorships from large
> data centers or anything/anyone else for that matter, you would be
> surprised how many companies would want to support our initiative.
>> What we need to be an important entity?
>> just colaboration from the OpenSource community, if them can start to
>> use us as the second domain, will help a lot...
>> probably from seized domains, because the unique way to win for now is
>> "to be used"...
> Perhaps, another thing to do, would have support from open source
> operating systems, having opennic as one of the default dns (probably
> will go along with any sponsored servers we can get across).
> On a side note, I have an app for windows (in the works) that modifies
> network adapter dns settings for use with opennic. An easy one click,
> idiot-proof setup. My main play is for the program to download a list of
> ip addresses, and find the fastest server for that particular user,
> right now, however, its setting a static server that's in the code, I'm
> going to add that feature before releasing it.
> 2011/4/18 Alex Nordlund <deep.alexander AT>
>> On Sat, Apr 16, 2011 at 7:53 PM, Amrit Panesar
>> <apanesar AT> wrote:
>> > I am all for protecting seized domains. I'm not a big fan of
>> the FBI
>> > anyways. We should have a vote for this, sometime in the future.
>> Why not do it the usual way?
>> Launch a new tld, something like .saved?
> I plan on launching 2 TLD's, I will be working on charters and whatnot
> for both. The TLD's are .sav and .neo. The .sav will be used as Alex
> suguested, and .neo is a TLD I've had my mind set on for a while, just
> haven't had the stones to pull a vote on it. (You guys are seem quite
> intimidating, but are generally pretty relaxed, haha)
> Thanks!
> --AP
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