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Re: [opennic-discuss] Amazon Hosting

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  • From: Peter Green <peter AT>
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  • Subject: Re: [opennic-discuss] Amazon Hosting
  • Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2012 03:38:31 +0100

Oh Mike, what a breath of fresh air to hear your words! :-)

We are indeed sovereign, if we choose to be, what joy to meet you, all be it
in Cyberspace!

Would you call your self a "Freeman of the land?"


Wanged from my Kaiser by a mischievous pixie!

mike <mike AT> wrote:

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>There's a lot of background that I could get into, and I would like to
>get into that, however I have time restraints so I'll try to keep it
>What it boils down to is that I operate my personal life (which
>OpenNIC is part of) as a sovereign human of planet Earth, for that
>part of my life I answer to nobody except my creator. I file no taxes
>of any kind related to any transactions when I am operating as a
>sovereign human (why should I? nobody owns me personally).
>My argument boils down to; nobody has jurisdiction over me when I am
>not operating as an agent of a corporation or a government (ask
>yourself how do they get authority over you?...), and/or any signatory
>to any of those things, in other words, when I operate as Mike of the
>family Sharkey, I answer to nobody, and pay no toll for doing so.
>So first of all, as you see I have no need for a 501.C3 and neither do
>By signing onto 501.C3 you are doing two things. You are providing
>prima facie evidence that you owe tax money in the first place (which
>you've already lost me at this point, because I don't owe any taxes to
>anybody despite what "officials" might seemingly claim).
>Then secondly 501.C3 puts you in a binding contract with the federal
>government whereby they get to set the rules. In other words, you are
>in effect asking the government to rule over you in exchange for not
>stealing as much money from you.
>It just does not compute for me.
>I should not really use the word "steal" as in theft when referring to
>Government taxation because most people just go along with it
>voluntarily and don't question a thing, it's more of a deception, a
>con job, a slight of hand, than it is really an outright theft, but on
>the other hand to deprive a person of his property by deception is
>also theft.....
>As a general rule I try to avoid in any way, associating my sovereign
>person (that I have worked so hard to untangle from the web of
>seemingly benign contracts with the government) with anything that
>might be consider evidence that I agree to any of the "offers" being
>put forth by them.
>Generally speaking anything you sign with the government will give
>them authority over you in some way. That's the core of my concern,
>like I said I've spent a considerable amount of effort getting back to
>being sovereign within my own life domain.
>In any case, I could write a book, but hopefully I've clarified my
>position sufficiently.
>- --Mike
>On 06/06/2012 06:55 PM, Julian DeMarchi wrote:
>> On 06/07/2012 08:50 AM, mike wrote:
>>> The day OpenNIC is 501:C3, is the day I bail out.
>> Share your thoughts please?
>> --julian
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