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  • Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2012 02:59:40 -0400
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> Problem is the 'no-one has jurisdiction over me when not operating
> as' argument is false. If you have US citizenship, for instance,
> part of that is a submission to jurisdiction. So, have you given up
> your US citizenship, Mike? (note, they frown on people renouncing
> citizenship to avoid the tax consequences of citizenship) If so
> what country do you now claim citizenship of, and where are you
> resident.

I am sorry guys, getting way off topic here now.. I just had to reply
to this.

You are correct in that a citizenship is something you have, not
something you are. That's one of the first very important distinctions
that one aught to make.

I reside in the land area commonly referred to as Canada and is
commonly associated with the 'Corporation of Canada' which is a legal
fiction listed on the Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington

The Corporation of Canada is the trademark holder of the Corporate
logo (The Red Maple Leaf Flag)

So as you can plainly see, Canada is not a sovereign nation, and for
that matter, it never has been, it has always been a Corporation with
the Monarchy and others on the board of directors and operating a
puppet government in Ottawa, Ontario though the office of the governor
general (a direct representative of the queen) in order to appease the
masses into thinking they have a sovereign country and a 'democracy'.

So question #1 obviously becomes, if a citizen is to owe allegiance to
it's sovereign state and so forth, then how can one owe that to
something that does not even exist in anything other than a legal
fiction registered in another supposed country with an off-shore
(foreign) board of directors?

The other thing that become immediately obvious is that, I am a man
without a country, which in my opinion is a good thing. So long as I
am not operating as an agent (an employee) of the corporation (meaning
I am not operating while claiming my SIN number as my identity) then
their rules don't apply to me. When you go and shop in a Wall Mart, do
employee rules apply to you? No. Same thing.

The remaining questions become obvious... and I could go on and on and
on for pages upon pages...however it is not the forum for that, nor
do I have the time at this moment.

You folks in the USA have a bit different situation, but a lot of
similar smoke and mirrors. At least you truly do have a sovereign
nation governed by 'you the people'.....oh wait, if you are submitting
to the government then how can you be "You the People.." at the top of
the power structure as defined in the founding documents?...hmmm....

- --Mike
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