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  • Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2012 23:22:18 -0400
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You are on the right track, however you are missing some crucial
understanding regarding the nature of the deception, as is your friend
who is in jail.

Note I am not in jail.

I don't think this is the forum to debate this, as it is a very deep
and wide topic, some people asked me to clarify my position and I did
so, and I stand by my words.

- --Mike

On 06/06/2012 10:38 PM, Andrew Norton wrote:
> On 6/6/2012 10:22 PM, mike wrote:
>> Sigh...
>> There's a lot of background that I could get into, and I would
>> like to get into that, however I have time restraints so I'll try
>> to keep it short.
>> What it boils down to is that I operate my personal life (which
>> OpenNIC is part of) as a sovereign human of planet Earth, for
>> that part of my life I answer to nobody except my creator. I file
>> no taxes of any kind related to any transactions when I am
>> operating as a sovereign human (why should I? nobody owns me
>> personally).
>> My argument boils down to; nobody has jurisdiction over me when I
>> am not operating as an agent of a corporation or a government
>> (ask yourself how do they get authority over you?...), and/or any
>> signatory to any of those things, in other words, when I operate
>> as Mike of the family Sharkey, I answer to nobody, and pay no
>> toll for doing so.
>> So first of all, as you see I have no need for a 501.C3 and
>> neither do you.
>> By signing onto 501.C3 you are doing two things. You are
>> providing prima facie evidence that you owe tax money in the
>> first place (which you've already lost me at this point, because
>> I don't owe any taxes to anybody despite what "officials" might
>> seemingly claim).
>> Then secondly 501.C3 puts you in a binding contract with the
>> federal government whereby they get to set the rules. In other
>> words, you are in effect asking the government to rule over you
>> in exchange for not stealing as much money from you.
>> It just does not compute for me.
>> I should not really use the word "steal" as in theft when
>> referring to Government taxation because most people just go
>> along with it voluntarily and don't question a thing, it's more
>> of a deception, a con job, a slight of hand, than it is really an
>> outright theft, but on the other hand to deprive a person of his
>> property by deception is also theft.....
>> As a general rule I try to avoid in any way, associating my
>> sovereign person (that I have worked so hard to untangle from the
>> web of seemingly benign contracts with the government) with
>> anything that might be consider evidence that I agree to any of
>> the "offers" being put forth by them.
>> Generally speaking anything you sign with the government will
>> give them authority over you in some way. That's the core of my
>> concern, like I said I've spent a considerable amount of effort
>> getting back to being sovereign within my own life domain.
>> In any case, I could write a book, but hopefully I've clarified
>> my position sufficiently.
> I've always loved the "sovereign human" argument, for it's
> simplicity. And like all such simple arguments related to law, it's
> one that can only be made to stand when certain facts are omitted.
> Problem is the 'no-one has jurisdiction over me when not operating
> as' argument is false. If you have US citizenship, for instance,
> part of that is a submission to jurisdiction. So, have you given up
> your US citizenship, Mike? (note, they frown on people renouncing
> citizenship to avoid the tax consequences of citizenship) If so
> what country do you now claim citizenship of, and where are you
> resident.
> A friends ex-husband was of this same position. It's one of the
> reasons my friend divorced him (another was refusing to allow their
> daughter to get an SSN card to avoid more 'contracts with the US',
> which was a problem since she has REALLY bad Downs). Last I heard,
> he was doing 15 years for tax evasion. Mainly because the
> 'contract' you are thinking about, exists with citizenship,
> resident alien status etc.
> No mountain man, pseudo-legal mumbo jumbo about 'sovereign
> citizens' is going to change it, mostly because that trick was
> known in the 1780's ('Americans' used it on the British Government
> before then) and so the laws were written to ensure that loop hole
> didn't exist in the US. I'm sure any tax attorney will find the
> relevant provisions in law for you.
> Andrew
>> --Mike
>> On 06/06/2012 06:55 PM, Julian DeMarchi wrote:
>>> On 06/07/2012 08:50 AM, mike wrote:
>>>> The day OpenNIC is 501:C3, is the day I bail out.
>>> Share your thoughts please?
>>> --julian
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