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Re: [opennic-discuss] Hi list!

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  • From: Pei <pei AT>
  • To: discuss AT
  • Subject: Re: [opennic-discuss] Hi list!
  • Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2013 10:35:58 -0700

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"Can't stop the signal!"

On 8/16/2013 9:28 AM, Alejandro Bonet wrote:
> NSA dont like opennic.
> This is not new...
> I setup two t2 opennic dns servers in the last two months.
> NSA dont like me...
> I dont want to target attention on me, but some of my ideas about
> money (,, and free software (
> are not the best for financial, government or military "elites"...
> As i can understand there is no way to stop open and collaborative
> dns nets as opennic: A simple filter with tcpdump and iptables can
> stop the 99% of the dos attacks in realtime.
> Since i setup the servers i have one or two (sometimes three or
> four) of these attacks CONTINUOUSLY... The filter drops them
> without effort...
> In respect about T1 servers and domain registrations, the actual
> opennic policy is correct from my point of view: T1s mirrors all
> the data, and registration web sites perhaps are not too much
> stable, but they run more or less...
> If someone wants to register a domain under an opennic tld, they
> only need to write the data once.
> Then many T1 and T2 servers will serve it all the time
> automatically to the whole world...
> Alejandro Bonet albogoal AT
> PD: ¬°Opennic forever!... ¬°They cant do nothing!
> PD2: But remind allways three or four things about this game:
> 1.- NSA IS HEARING HERE (Or they are stupid...) 2.- Perhaps some
> guys on this email thread are NSA agents: When the list is too much
> active and interesting, we must doubt about it, but when it is very
> very boring then IT IS IT... 3.- Are or are not they here, is
> completely irrelevant... 4.- When governments declares opennic
> "illegal", we will won "the dns war", and everybody will use
> opennic...
> (And five... Perhaps i'm NSA... or perhaps i'm not... ;-)
> 2013/8/16, Martin C <martin AT>:
>>> Maybe one of the TLDs could (or already have) put their code up
>>> under OSS. Everyone could improve it and use it.
>> MUD4TLD (which really, really needs a new and better name!) is
>> available on github and is released under the BSD 2-clause
>> license, if it helps. It is ok and does the job, but I'll be
>> happier when it is working on top of the RM-API.
>> -- Martin C. O< ascii ribbon campaign - stop html
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