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discuss - Re: [opennic-discuss] Ferorum FTTH/FTTP Broadband

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Re: [opennic-discuss] Ferorum FTTH/FTTP Broadband

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  • From: "Alex M (Coyo)" <coyo AT>
  • To: discuss AT
  • Subject: Re: [opennic-discuss] Ferorum FTTH/FTTP Broadband
  • Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2013 11:51:09 -0500

On 04/13/2013 10:50 AM, Christopher wrote:
On Sat, Apr 13, 2013 at 5:32 AM, Alex M (Coyo) <coyo AT> wrote:
On 04/13/2013 02:00 AM, Christopher wrote:
Plus, more devices are going wireless and even the best
current wireless connection is around 300Mbps, with 1Gbps+ still on
the horizon.

Have you heard that many wireless router companies, including Buffalo,
Linksys and Asus, are releasing Wireless-Draft-AC home gateway routers? Some
even have DD-WRT factory installed.

It's gigabit wireless. :D
Yeah, but no devices support it yet.

News on the grapevine indicate that Draft-AC client chipsets are well underway, and have already been revised several times, and that USB 3.0, PCI-E 4x and Firewire interfaces are on the production lines, and simply have not been officially released and places on shelves yet.

Huge production runs take time, you know. That does not include pre-stocking preparatory to official release. Technically and legally, retail outlets from Fry's and Best Buy to NewEgg and Tiger Direct are bound to release the products for retail sales only when the wholesale outlets (and obviously the manufacturers themselves) give the green light.

I don't have any friends who work for Linksys or Buffalo, but according to their company blogs, twitter feeds, and the grapevine, they are right around the corner.

What is WISP?
Basically WiMAX, not a cellular connection (e.g. not 3G/4G), which it
seems like in many areas isn't too expensive to set up, although you
likely have a better idea on pricing than I do. Obviously this isn't
something you'd have to do right from the start. Just one of the
longer term ideas.

Do you mean unlicensed WiMAX? I could certainly do that, but Alcatel-Lucent and Motorola base stations (basically WWAN access points intended for mounting on a cell tower) are not exactly commodity items you can buy off the shelf, and generally are something they wholesale suppliers expect you to take out extensive financing for.

Ballpark figure is several hundred thousand dollars EACH, and an access tower generally needs at least nine of them. That adds up quickly, as you might imagine.

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