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discuss - Re: [opennic-discuss] Vote to keep or drop peering with NameCoin

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Re: [opennic-discuss] Vote to keep or drop peering with NameCoin

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  • From: Jeff Taylor <shdwdrgn AT>
  • To: discuss AT
  • Subject: Re: [opennic-discuss] Vote to keep or drop peering with NameCoin
  • Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2019 14:49:45 -0600
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It's actually a little more complex than that.  From what I've been hearing it sounds like some members of Namecoin appreciated the service while others wanted to remain hidden.  There was also quite a bit of controversy here on Opennic over the subject.  Because of the anonymous nature of .bit domains with absolutely no connection to a real person, coupled with opennic's distribution making it easy to use those domains, there were a number of .bit domains being used to send malware and other questionable content to other people's computers.

This is where things got ugly...  We've had some long discussions, both here on the mailing list and on IRC chat.  Basically this centers around the idea that everyone wants opennic to freely resolve everything as intended without any modifications.  However because of the .bit domains being used to distribute malware they got picked up by Spamhaus and the mail servers attached to the same IPs as opennic DNS resolvers were then blacklisted.  We worked with Spamhaus to get a list of the domains they found problems with, and that's when our own blacklist came to be.  But this goes against the concept of opennic resolving domains without interference.  There was no argument that it should not be Spamhaus's place to police the internet, and their methods were essentially holding some of our servers 'hostage' in an effort to force us to bend to their will, but there was a lot of debate about whether or not we *should*.  The only compromise we could come to was that the decision should be left up to the individual T2 operators, with a method of identifying which servers were making use of the blacklist data to modify their results.

And so here we are today.  What it came down to was that almost nobody in opennic is actually using .bit domains, so a vote was called to see if it was worth the effort to keep it around.

Hope that faithfully summarizes the history?

On 06/27/2019 02:16 AM, 'smee wrote:
I also read the list but have yet to contribute anything, and I didn't
vote. This issue and how it came up opened my eyes to a few things. On
the face of it, it seems obvious. They don't want opennic handling .bit
domains and it seems to be of no benefit to opennic to continue doing
Being not that well versed in the subject, I decided to watch the
discussion and learn more, but from the discussion, those two facts
don't seem to have changed.

On Wed, 2019-06-26 at 22:29 +0200, Al Beano wrote:
Like many others, I'm also alive and reading the mailing list but
didn't vote - mainly because I'm away from home and things were going
in my favour anyway :-)

Am 25. Juni 2019 17:48:17 MESZ, schrieb alejandro AT
Thanks for the update Jeff.

So only 15 people are active on opennic 😲

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With a final vote of 13 to 2, the vote has ended in favor of
namecoin from opennic.  I will be updating the glue zone today to
remove .bit, and updating the root zone to drop references to
and emercoin.  Thanks to everyone who cast their vote.


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