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discuss - RE: [opennic-discuss] Proposal: Establishment of an OpenNIC foundation using OpenNIC funds

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RE: [opennic-discuss] Proposal: Establishment of an OpenNIC foundation using OpenNIC funds

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  • From: "John Kozlowski \(\)" <John.Kozlowski AT>
  • To: <discuss AT>
  • Subject: RE: [opennic-discuss] Proposal: Establishment of an OpenNIC foundation using OpenNIC funds
  • Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2014 13:13:04 -0500

I would like to weigh in one more time with the hope of clarifying the
question, not necessarily resolving it.

First as someone born in the United States, I am a patriot in the sense of
love for my fellow countryman. I am not in the sense of a love for my
country’s institutions. You can read to make that clear. Therefore if
incorporation happens, to the idea of incorporating outside of the United
States I stand in hearty agreement. As to where, I have no idea.

However, is OpenNIC collectivistic or individualistic? We must be clear that
democracy is as collectivistic as socialism. As Franklin amusingly put it,
democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for lunch. I’m afraid
that a formal or legal organizational structure for OpenNIC may, over time,
turn it into another wolf with ICANN. It may become a tool to show how the
Internet is “open” because ICANN is not a monopoly, but ignoring the fact
that a duopoly is as bad or worse.

The problem with being individualistic is that it is easy to point to corrupt
individuals or failures by individuals. It is this second group that I am a
member, but I am not a member of the group that quits after failures. I
would rather be part of the critically thinking individualists, with our
distortions, failures, and the foul among us, than a resource laden
collectivist where I must stay in line to be a part.

For the most part OpenNIC is made up of those with more of a technical
background. If those are the only ones reached, OpenNIC will always remain
an obscurity. I propose that individuals that are part of OpenNIC, or have a
similar mindset, invent the tools to shed the masses from the centralized
ICANN system, not try to be another ICANN or another organization.

For my part I desire to product a resolver that works with OpenNIC, ICANN,
INAIC, Name.Space, Unifiedroot, etc. and is not dependent on a single root.
I had a rootless resolver and have withdrawn it as it is being updated, but
it should reappear. This is my attempt at a technical response to a
political issue. I do not need to be the only one doing so and I welcome
others to do the same or similar. We don’t need just one way to do things.

To me the fundamental question is if OpenNIC is a great place to hammer out
ideas in the particular area of domains, and made up of people who want to
remove the centralized control of ICANN which gives the authority excessive
power over the whole Internet, or is it just a fledgling group trying to be
like the big kid on the block?

My opinion is that we should think, contend, examine, and play hard in the
field of domains as individuals. OpenNIC should be a place to communicate
and not a formal legal entity. This is my opinion as an individual.


John Kozlowski

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Subject: Re: [opennic-discuss] Proposal: Establishment of an OpenNIC
foundation using OpenNIC funds

I agree with England, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA.

Unless you want to mix your political reasoning and hate that is your
prerogative and not the rest of the community of OpenNic.
We are debating establishment!
We are debating status!
NON-PROFIT or incorporating!
No need to mix your political disagreement to influence others.
Is about OpenNic, nothing more.
and Don't tread on my flag MR.!

On 12/27/2014 7:02 AM, Richard Lyons wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 27, 2014 at 09:57:54 +1100, Riley Baird wrote:
>>> The idea of the famously-neutral Sweden being the registered home of
>>> the incorporated part of Opennic seemed at first glance to be good.
>>> But then I remembered the case of Julian Assange and the evident
>>> fact that Sweden is very much under the orders of the US political
>>> establishment.
>>> Is there anyone on this list who can help in setting up the
>>> co-operative (or other incorporated entity) under a more obviously
>>> neutral regime?
>>> This might be on the fringes of Europe, maybe Switzerland or
>>> Lichtenstein, but perhaps better would be either a Latin American
>>> base, or a place with an image more easily associated with
>>> independence such as a pacific island. Niué for example (it needs a
>>> boost)...
>> Niue is not a country, it is still under New Zealand rule (in name).
>> Be careful about incorporating in a Pacific nation if you're
>> concerned about US influence:
> Yes. You are quite right, Riley.
> I should have left that paragraph out. Exactly where to incorporate
> is a secondary issue.
> richard
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